Tamarama w/Flack Studio

Flack Studio
Tamarama, NSW - Australia
Anson Smart & Florian Wild

Situated in the long stretch of Sydney’s beaches is Glamarama, which provided the perfect setting for this resort inspired garden.

Our design embraced the lifestyle needs and wants of a busy family, who live busy lives and enjoy travel. The intent was to deliver a space that felt relaxed and comfortable, but luxurious and fizzing with artistic interest.

Working closely with Flack Studio, a maximalist feel threaded the interior and garden spaces. We used an abundance of textures and shapes.  The planting was sculptural and included both sub-tropical and arid plants, evoking a kind of Mexican inspired resort – warm and energetic, but tranquil. It fitted both the Sydney climate and the containerised nature of creating a garden in a rooftop space.

The garden was layered with patterns and colours in the hard landscaping elements too. Shapely paving and bold pool tiling, set the scene for the drama of the plants and eclectic pots, punctuated by warm-hued soft furnishings. The combination of which was an invitation to recline.

Each of these elements complimenting the artworks (curated and commisioned by Flack Studio) adorning both the inside and the outside of the beachside townhouse. A gallery of curiosities all round.