Junipero House w/Caceres + Tous

Caceres + Tous
Buwit (Bali) - Indonesia

Our clients’ enduring love for MCM design was the conceptual pivot for this project. The architectural solution by Caceres + Tous exudes modernist simplicity in form, with a celebration of contextually appropriate local materials and artisanal methods.

Our vision was to immerse the house in a textural planting, retaining the feeling of ‘a house in the trees’ which had been the primary motivator for the client to select this site.

With MCM in mind, we introduced sinuous curved beds and lawn, with broad patchworks ofvaried tropical plantings, liberally referencing the work of the Brazilian legend Roberto Burle Marx.

Those garden beds gradually transition into dense plantings. A progression of planting volumes creates an illusion of continuity between the manicured lawn space and the untamed jungle beyond – concealing any indication of a boundary.

Clusters of different palm species further the generous parkland feel. These palms too provide areas of necessary shade for respite on the lawn below.

An ancient gnarled frangipani was selected (with accompanying epiphytic fern) to gently lean over the pool. I have always found the fallen petals of frangipani floating in a pool a necessary sensory experience when visiting Bali